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IMPORTANT: Due to the proliferation of free email services and the complications (hardware, storage, security, etc.) involved with providing email accounts, we are no longer creating new email accounts.

  • At this time, if you have an existing or email address, you may continue to use it normally.
  • Any accounts which have not been checked at all for over 12 months are subject to deletion.

Configuring your E-mail client for your ECPI E-mail Account or your PM WiFi E-mail account.
Note: for configuring PM WiFi E-mail accounts, use the entire email address, including the, as the username

Basic setup info:

  • Incoming server:
  • Outgoing server:
  • To be able to send mail from anywhere: configure outgoing server to use password authentication and port 587

Outlook Express

Windows Mail

Microsoft Outlook

Mozilla Thunderbird

Mac Mail